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       安装指南 Kylin 配置 集群模式部署 高级配置 用 Docker 运行 Kylin 在 AWS EMR 上安装 Kylin 样例 Cube 快速入门 Web 界面 Cube 创建 Cube 构建和 Job 监控 Cube 迁移 SQL 快速参考 用 Kafka 流构建 Cube 用 Spark 构建 Cube 优化 Cube 构建 查询下压 建立 System Cube 使用 Cube Planner 使用 Dashboard 建立 JDBC 数据源 ODBC 驱动 JDBC 驱动 RESTful API 列表 用 API 构建 Cube MS Excel 及 PowerBI 教程 Tableau 8 Tableau 9 SQuirreL Qlik Sense 集成 Apache Superset Redash Davinci 备份元数据 清理存储 版本升级 Copyright 2022 ET Net Limited. WY e Ron / WB4HFN -------------- Original message -------------- From: Garey Barrell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> > > Garey Barrell made an utterance to the drakelist gang > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > Byron - > > OK. Relays take more coil current to "pull in" than they do to "hold > in". It takes a certain amount of current through the coil (pull) to > drag the armature from it's non-energized position to the energized > position. It takes much less current to (hold) it once there, so slight > leakage might NOT be sufficient to pull, but more than enough to hold. > > I don't know of any good way to touch up the panels. The original > "paint" is so thin, (I actually think it is more a dye (anodize?) than > paint, but don't know for sure,) and as a result any sort of paint ends > up looking worse than the mark! For a small mark or two, it might be > possible to just "fill" the mark to the level of the panel, but a string > of numbers would be a real challenge. Never could understand people > that do that sort of thing, especially on the front panel!! > > I just saw your order. There are scans of both the 34-NB and the 34-PNB > manuals, with quite a bit of information, plus I have added a photograph > of the board itself with active components and alignment info > annotated. There is also a Voltage table for the NB, which has not been > previously published. It's really a straightforward design, and most > units in the field benefit from an alignment. > > A lot of the components are common between the TR-3 and TR-4, but every > once in a while they threw in a curve like that cap to keep us off > balance! :-) > > Your CDs will go out tomorrow. Thank you! > > 73, Garey - K4OAH > Glen Allen, VA > > Drake 2-B, 4-B, C-Line & TR-4/C Service Supplement CDs > > > > > Byron Tatum wrote: > > > > "Byron Tatum" made an utterance to the drakelist gang > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > > Hey Garey- > > Thank you for the comments and help. I start nights at work and > > will have several to complete, then I will get back into the TR-4. I > > will measure voltage as you suggest, looking for a slight voltage > > drop. Then I will check out relay itself. > > I am beginning to think that it is the magnetizing of pole piece > > and relay wear that is the problem. If it was a leakage to ground on > > the 6EV7 pin #1 lead you might think the set would go into TX on its > > own (relay energize) every now and then, of which I have never saw it do. > > One other thing- I bought a nice TR-4 from a fellow, based on > > several pictures, but the photo angles, due to glare, covered up (of > > all things) a ham's DL # engraved on the front panel in tiny lettering > > , immediately to the right of "TR-4" on front panel. Do you know of a > > touch up paint that matches the darker grey of that front panel area? > > I got the set for a decent price, it was nice and had the built in > > NB, but had a problem (as advertised). I found T-9 to be burned out in > > center area of coil form. I had a spare T-9 from a parts unit TR-3. > > Thank goodness I opened up the TR-3 T-9 transformer before I installed > > it -- it had a 56 pF cap in it that was not in the TR-4 T-9. Otherwise > > the coils looked the same. Anyway, I clipped out the capacitor and all > > went OK after the repair. That is not a fun repair for sure!! > > CUL, Byron. > > ----- Original Message ----- From: "Garey Barrell" > > To: > > Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 1:46 PM > > Subject: Re: [drakelist] TR-4 TX Hang-Up > > > > > >> Byron - > >> > >> Well things were going well until you pulled the tube out of the > >> socket! :-) > >> > >> There are a limited number of possibilities in that case. The relay > >> coil leads go through the feedthrough bypass caps _under_ the power > >> connector. Of course the relay lead to the 6EV7 is the one UNDER the > >> Jones connector, the last one in the "arc" of feedthroughs there. > >> (C92) There are no more components between this feedthrough and the > >> 6EV7 tube socket. The other relay coil lead goes directly the +250V bus > >> via the next feedthrough cap along the arc, (C91). So the voltage > >> measured at the tube socket pin with the tube out should be exactly the > >> same as the +250V bus. Any drop would indicate leakage. See attached > >> photo from my CD (at reduced resolution). > >> > >> So..... Leaky C92, leaky tube socket, pinched wire. One possibility I > >> have seen a few times is the "down" stop on the relay gets hammered down > >> over the years, allowing the armature to actually touch the pole piece > >> of the coil. The pole piece is slightly magnetized, and if the armature > >> physically is in contact with it, it will "stick". An easy check is to > >> slip a piece of paper in to prevent metal to metal contact between the > >> two. The "down" stop can be bent back up to prevent this contact. > >> > >> Let us know what you find!! > >> > >> 73, Garey - K4OAH > >> Glen Allen, VA > >> > >> Drake 2-B, 4-B, C-Line & TR-4/C Service Supplement CDs > >> > >> > >> > >> > >> Byron Tatum wrote: > >>> Hello- > >>> I have an unusual problem perhaps someone could shed some light on: > >>> I have a TR-4 in 29K serial range that functions normally > >>> except it will not go back into receive, until after approx 30 second > >>> delay, after the mic button is released or the function switch turned > >>> back to "SSB". This condition worsens (longer delay) the more you > >>> frequently you transmit. The sidetone disappears but T-R relay will > >>> not release. > >>> I have tried different known-good 6EV7 tubes, have replaced a lot > >>> of the coupling / bypass caps in T-R circuits, did resistance / > >>> voltage checks, adjusted the VOX / VOX delay controls, tried other > >>> tubes in T-R circuit, etc. to no avail. > >>> What is real curious about this is that while waiting for it to go > >>> back into receive and T-R relay is engaged, IF YOU PULL THE 6EV7 FROM > >>> ITS SOCKET THE T-R RELAY STILL DOES NOT RELEASE. I suspect the issue > >>> is with the lead that goes from T-R relay coil to pin #1 on 6EV7 > >>> (somehow allowing enough leakage to ground?) or could it be the T-R > >>> relay coil itself I made sure socket / pins and all are clean on > >>> 6EV7. > >>> Any help appreciated, thanks. > >>> Perplexed, > >>> Byron WA5THJ. > >>> > >> > > > > > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > > Submissions: [EMAIL PROTECTED] > > Unsubscribe: [EMAIL PROTECTED] - unsubscribe drakelist in > > body > > Hopelessly Lost: [EMAIL PROTECTED] - help in body of message > > Zerobeat Web Page: - sponsored by > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > > > > > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > Submissions: [EMAIL PROTECTED] > Unsubscribe: [EMAIL PROTECTED] - unsubscribe drakelist in body > Hopelessly Lost: [EMAIL PROTECTED] - help in body of message > Zerobeat Web Page: - sponsored by > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- cg6e9

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    去重计数在企业日常分析中应用广泛,如用户留存、销售统计、广告营销等。海量数据下的去重计数十分消耗资源,动辄几分钟,甚至几小时,Apache Kylin 如何做到秒级的低延迟精确去重呢?m bgQ g t

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