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o nY CUL, Byron. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Garey Barrell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 1:46 PM Subject: Re: [drakelist] TR-4 TX Hang-Up L EQ

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使用增量构建的优势是,每次只需要对新增数据进行计算,避免了对历史数据进行重复计算。对于数据量很大的Cube,使用增量构建是非常有必要的。gX O

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  OLAP的概念,在实际应用中存在广义和狭义两种不同的理解。广义上的理解与字面意思相同,泛指一切不对数据进行更新的分析处理,但更多的情况下OLAP被理解为狭义上的含义,即与多维分析相关,是基于立方体(CUBE)计算而进行的分析。qw a N R Z

  OLAP(Online Analytical Process),即联机分析处理,它可以以多维度的方式分析数据,并且能弹性地提供上卷(Roll-up)、下钻(Drill-down)和透视分析(Pivot)等操作,是呈现集成性决策信息的方法,其主要功能在于方便大规模数据分析及统计计算,多用于决策支持系统、商务智能或数据仓库。与之相区别的是联机交易处理(OLTP),联机交易处理侧重于基本的、日常的事务处理,包括数据的增、删、改、查。u K z P k O

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   Hello- I have an unusual problem perhaps someone could shed some light on: I have a TR-4 in 29K serial range that functions normally except it will not go back into receive, until after approx 30 second delay, after the mic button is released or the function switch turned back to "SSB". This condition worsens (longer delay) the more you frequently you transmit. The sidetone disappears but T-R relay will not release. I have tried different known-good 6EV7 tubes, have replaced a lot of the coupling / bypass caps in T-R circuits, did resistance / voltage checks, adjusted the VOX / VOX delay controls, tried other tubes in T-R circuit, etc. to no avail. What is real curious about this is that while waiting for it to go back into receive and T-R relay is engaged, IF YOU PULL THE 6EV7 FROM ITS SOCKET THE T-R RELAY STILL DOES NOT RELEASE. I suspect the issue is with the lead that goes from T-R relay coil to pin #1 on 6EV7 (somehow allowing enough leakage to ground?) or could it be the T-R relay coil itself I made sure socket / pins and all are clean on 6EV7. Any help appreciated, thanks. Perplexed, Byron WA5THJ. ir C

  YouTube’s advertising revenue figure varies based on where you get your video views from. Let’s say, for instance, that the majority of video views come from India; your video could be making anywhere from $1.5 to $3 per thousand video views. But if your viewers are from the United States, your video could fetch anywhere from $2 to $4 per thousand video views. M eP Radar is an electronic device that detects planes, ships, coastlines, landmarks, and even storm clouds. The name radar comes from the first letters of the words radio direction and ranging. As the human eye uses light waves to see, radar "sees" with radio waves. Without radar, planes could not land safely in bad weather and ships could not move safely in thick fog. H i Q


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